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Toilet cubicle


Toilet Cubicle designed for Center or Rear Entry

Fresh water flushing by means of TM Aqua Flush System without chemical additives – with odour control – microbiological process The development of all TM-Jincen WC cubicles for motor-coaches is focussed on the requirements and needs of the manufacturers of motor-coaches, bus operators and passengers. The discerning coach operator will find a user-friendly, easy to clean, high-quality cubicle. The standard design includes a low maintenance cubicle with hard-wearing PVC coating, further materials are optionally available. Low maintenance TM Aqua Flush – System with electronic control. Fast and easy access to the components for maintenance and service purposes.

  • The toilet system with fresh water flushing includes a high-capacity air-extractor providing efficient odour control
  • An intelligent flushing status monitoring system ensures automatic flushing of the toilet, in case this has been omitted by the user guaranteeing an absolutely fresh environment to the next passenger
  • Fresh water flushing without chemical additives
  • No release of odours


Further models and information can be found in the following PDF file.

Aqua Flush System


Aqua Flush System

Fresh water flushing with TM Aqua Flush System without chemical additives – no release of odor – microbiological process – the TM Aqua Flush System is both suited for the conversion and retrofitting of toilets and for do-it-yourself construction. The TM-Jincen Aqua Flush WC flush system is a fresh water flushing system whose proven and tested components and latest technology have been developed for the demanding commercial coach environment. The design focuses on a long-term reliability, powerful flushing action and easy access for service purposes. The TM Aqua Flush System also allows retrofitting of existing cubicles at low costs and effort.

Toilet systems 12 and 24 V DC


Toilet Systems 12 and 24 V DC

electric or air-operation

Flushing without chemicals.

  • The toilets LF 320/520 are designed to have wet bowls, retaining a small amount of water at all times, in conjunction with a mechanical flapper seal to block odors from the sewage tank.
  • TM toilet LF 320/520 air systems are operated with the compressed air of the vehicles. The air pressure at the toilet is to be 4,14 - 4,48 Bar. The sewage can be transported up to 9 m horizontally and maximum 0,80 m vertically.
  • The air flush models allow flexibility in locating the sewage tank. Since the tank does not need to be located directly below the toilet, the tank can be located in the most convenient space based on chassis layout.
  • The stainless toilets can be supplied as either freestanding models or built into models.
  • All moving parts are designed for long service life.
  • Suitable for winter operation by filling propylene glycol type antifreeze into the fresh water tank.


Further models and information in the PDF-file on toilets.