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TM Technischer Gerätebau GmbH

TM ranks among the successful manufacturers of components for road and train vehicles. As an authentic partner, the company offers customized, cutting-edge and economic solutions. Experience, reliability, quality and success of many years constitute the basis of the current program of products. The customer’s structure is complex and global.

However, TM is also going strong in other sectors, where there is a demand for superior cooling technology for stationary application. Starting from this tradition, TM has a high standard of know-how and knowledge of manufacturing in those areas. As leading supplier TM is particularly specialized in the development of
  • Cool Boxes
  • Board Kitchens
  • Toilets

in different sizes and a variety of types.

TM – as scarcely any other company, TM has precisely responded to the special demands and requirements of its customers in the mobile sector, by economically developing and manufacturing entirely customized solutions for the customers in a flexible, quick and precise way.

TM’s own engineering and design department and the commitment of efficient and qualified experts allows and ensures this flexibility.

TM products convince both by their precision and workmanship and through the quality of the materials used and details precision.

With regard to the design, TM is setting completely new standards for board systems in coaches and other vehicles: high functionality, available space in a small place and an elegant styling are convincing many of the leading carmakers around the world.


TM Teknik

TM Teknik Otomotiv Ekipmanlari was incorporated in the commercial register of Gebze/ Istanbul on September 12, 2007 as fully owned subsidiary of TM Neu-Ulm.

Our staff member in Turkey, Mr. Murat Turgay took up his activities with TM on October 1, 2007. Originally Mr. Turgay has been working in the bus industry and is entirely familiar with the needs and requirements of the Turkish market. TM Teknik Otomotiv Ekipmanlari will work the Turkish market from its location in Gebze/ Istanbul. Cool boxes and bus galleys are already manufactured since early in 2008 for the bus industry based in this area. Gezbe belongs to the Asian part of Istanbul and its industrial park accommodates reputable international companies. 

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TM effectively takes up the challenge of the requirements in the global change of the markets also including the growth market in China by establishing a joint venture company in China together with the partners Jincen FRP Development China and MSupport Holland. The joint venture company was founded in 2007 and is located in Hefei, province of Anhui, a city of about 4,5 million inhabitants. The company is focused on the mass-production of parts for truck cabs, such as dashboards, interior trims, headlining and side panels.

Furthermore a continuously growing interest in truck cool boxes becomes noticeable in the Chinese market and TM wants to be part of this development from the very start. The past years have shown that the motor-coach industry increasingly pays attention to the interior equipment with galleys and cool boxes. In order to be able to serve this growth market in China, TM has laid the ideal foundations by forming a joint venture company.

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