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Boardkitchen QuickService MultiPlus 2G

TM’s new onboard kitchen Multi Plus 2G sets standards – anything but water under the bridge. .

The brand new onboard kitchen Multi Plus 2G satisfies with completely revised components and a fresh modern design. From the unique and exclusive touch panel, to an easy to handle two-part backboard, to the new Café Perfect 40 coffee maker, the second generation of Multi Plus leaves nothing to be desired.

Further models and information can be found in the following PDF file.

Boardkitchen QuickService DUO


Boardkitchen QuickService DUO

The low cost alternative solution for easy passenger service.  

Equipped with a 55 l mobile cooler and a 10 l boiler or a Lavazza coffee maker. External housing in fine-grained PU semi rigid foam medium hard with pleasant softtouch finish. New look due to integrated boarding aids for the stairway in contrasting colours, provided with inserted signal stripes and aisle-sided as per EC 2001/85 standard. Rear panel covered in durable ABS, 2 flap tables, 1 big luggage rack.

Further models and information in the PDF file on boardkitchens.

NEW - Boardkitchen QuickService Concept


Boardkitchen QuickService Concept

The lightweight – compact outer dimensions – housing with grained PUR S-RIM coating.

A real highlight setting benchmarks due to its modern pure and simple design, as well as its functionality. The perfect completion of our boardkitchen series QuickService. Due to compact dimensions and 3 different variants as well as the modular design, the boardkitchen QuickServie Concept is a real alternative solution for any category of motor-coaches. Needless to say that the QS Concept also complies with all EU standards.


Further models and information in the PDF file on boardkitchens.

NEW - QuickSerive Domino


QuickSerive Domino

The elegant version to complete the upgraded passenger service.

3 ideal solutions to comply with the requirements of service. An optimum additional advantage for every on-board kitchen, due to the different variants for hot beverages. The narrow pillar-type design of the QuickService Domino not measuring more than 41 cm allows an installation next to the seat of the tour guide. It is also best suited to be used in mini and midibuses. Made of PUR S-RIM hard foam, a new coating material – hence having an extremely low weight, with fine-grained PVC coating


Further models and information in the PDF file on boardkitchens.