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Multi Plus 2G


TM’s new onboard kitchen Multi Plus 2G sets standards – anything but water under the bridge. 

The brand new onboard kitchen Multi Plus 2G satisfies with completely revised components and a fresh modern design. From the unique and exclusive touch panel, to an easy to handle two-part backboard, to the new Café Perfect 40 coffee maker, the second generation of Multi Plus leaves nothing to be desired.

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TM Lifestyle - the new brand of TM


TM Lifestyle is the new brand of the company TM, which aims to enjoy your lifestyle with attractive products, even more so than you hopefully do now. Quality of the products and customer-oriented service are the company´s philosophy for years. In our online shop we provide our current TM Lifestyle products. Target of TM is to expand the products in the coming years and amaze you from TM Lifestyle

KBU 15


KBU 15 Family

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QS Micro 2

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